Dwarf Helmet

Still debating whether to add horns…

Dwarf Helmet

This is one half of my Dwarf Helmet + Beard to wear to The Hobbit in two days. It was mostly made by watching Rare Exports, which is probably the most horrific you can get and still technically be kid-friendly, at HorrificKnits‘ urgent urging. The pattern is from the Viking Hat (for a baby) instructions, but I used KnitNannyRuth’s notes as a guideline instead of the actual pattern, with a few modifications. (You might need a ravelry account to view her notes).

Dwarf Helmet

Yarn: worsted weight

Needles: size 7 or 8 (I used 8)

CO 96

Two rows 1×1 ribbing (K1, P1)

Three rows seed stitch (seed stitch: alternate between K1, P1 around or P1, K1 around — do the opposite of what you did the previous row)

4 rows stockinette

1 bobble row — K7, MB around. (MB: loosely knit into the front and back of a single stitch twice before sliding it off the left needle — four stitches instead of 1. Turn the work, and purl into the four stitches you just made. Back down to 1 stitch. Turn work and resume)

4 rows stockinette

4 rows seed stitch

Helmet Band: K42, place marker. Bobble band (11 stitches total): Seed stitch 3, K5, Seed stitch 3. K43

Repeat Helmet Band for 7 rows (8 total rows).

1 row Bobble round: K42, seed stitch 3, K2, MB, K2, seed stitch, K43

Repeat Helmet Band for 8 rows

1 row Bobble round


K42, work 11 stitches of helmet band. PM–this is your new beginning of round to reduce decreases within the helmet band

K1, (K2tog, K7) 9 times, K2tog, K1, work Helmet Band — 85 stitches

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog, K6) 9 times, K2tog, work Helmet Band — 76 stitches

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog, K5) 9 times, K1, work Helmet Band — 68 stitches

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog, K4) 9 times, K1. Helmet Band Decrease: Seed stitch 3, SSK, K1, K2tog, seed stitch 3) — 56 stitches (Helmet Band has 9)

1 row Bobble Round

K1, (K2tog, K3) 9 times, K1, work Helmet Band — 47 stitches

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog, K2) 9 times, K1, work Helmet Band — 38 stitches

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog, K1) 9 times, K1, work Helmet Band — 29

K 1 row

K1, (K2tog) 9 times, K1, Helmet Band Decrease: SSK, seed stitch 1, K3, seed stitch 1, K2tog — 17 stitches (Helmet band has 7)

2 rows K2tog around.

Draw string through and weave in the ends, unless you’re lazy.

Now to make the beard!