The Danger of the Single Story

Favorite Ted Talk

In brief, the single story is when you hear only one aspect something, when the reality is that there are many people living all kinds of varied lives. For example, the speaker, from a well-to-do Nigerian family, was asked about tribal music by her American college roommate, who had only heard the “single story” of Africans being a tribal people. A very good talk.


The Detour

The detour

The day after Christmas, I was driving back from my family’s home in Ithaca (New York). My route takes 89 to 96, up to the 90. 89 and 96 go through some very beautiful rural parts. I forget which of the two I was on when I saw the flares and the police directed me to take a road going east. There weren’t any other cars so I wasn’t sure if I could find my way back, but I was happy for the chance to see some new places.

Birds in a field

Sometimes I see a horse-and-carriage in this part of New York.

Horse and carriage

I think Central New York always looks the same throughout the year and only the fields change color. In the winter when there’s no snow, they’re a beautiful coppery orange.

Central New York

Field after Christmas

Fortunately I was able to find my way back after about 20 minutes.