B is for Bag

The saga continues.

So you see the Sea Anemone debacle had a pragmatic, if less beautiful and interesting, ending.

I followed the pattern for the Grrl Market Bag, which was simple and easy to follow, although as a function of my math skills I kept coming up either -1 or +1 at the end of every other row. Since it was a bottom-up bag and you add the strap at the end of it, I was able to use up all of my pretty cotton yarn with no waste, and the size and strap came out exactly as I hoped. I’m not saying I’m a genius but there you have it. Now I have the perfect bag to carry apples or some equally unlikely activity.

(My picture has vanished. Thus is the ethereal nature of the jpeg)


Dwarf beard

This is the sequel post to dwarf helmet.

(It’s back-dated, but I hope neither of my followers cares. It came out in time for the opening night of The Hobbit, which is the important thing.)


And my axe!

And my axe!


My boyfriend likes to refer to this as the Rabbi Friedman picture.